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99 percent invisible No4


'99 percent invisible' is a small format, independently published compendium of contemporary art, covering the fields of illustration, photography, collage, creative writing and comic among others.
It features a diverse array of work by international artists, both established and emerging.

Cover: Andreas Aggelopoulos
Contributors: Nicola Alessandrini, Thorsten Vieth, Isabel Reitemeyer, Dimitris Gkioulos, Sarah Wickings, Luca De Rosso, Homunculi's Notes, Mateo Pizarro, Stefan Zsaitsits, Yorgos Maraziotis, Simeon Smith, Cub Animation, Hanieh Ghashghaei, D.z., S.v., Nelson Ferryman.

72 inside pages, printed in b&w on A5 size paper.
Limited edition of 400.

Ships worldwide, delivery times varying based on location.