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99 percent invisible No2


'99 percent invisible' is a Greece-based, quarterly print publication, written in English, that covers the fields of illustration, photography, writing and comic among others.

Cover: Lola Dupre X Andrei Burcea.
Contributors: Cristian Toro, Fernando Barrios Benavides, Fotis Giantsios, Theodoros Aggelopoulos, Sarah Wickings, Adam Tofil, Lola Dupre, Alessandro Ripane, Homunculi's Notes, Dexter Maurer, Nelson Ferryman, D.z., Christi du Toit, Twee Muizen, Dimitris Tsoukas, Christos Sotiropoulos, Andreas Aggelopoulos, Always.Sidekicks.Drive., Glia.

72 inside pages, printed in b&w on A5 size paper.
Limited edition of 400.

Ships worldwide, delivery times varying based on location.